Terms of lease



  • the minimum age of the driver is 21 years
  • possession of a valid driver’s license (min. 2 years)
  • possession of a valid driver’s license (minimum 2-year mandatory identification with an identity card or passport)
  • minimum rental length is one day (24 hours)
  • a delay of 60 minutes is allowed for returning the vehicle, and for each subsequent hour of delay an amount of 20 KM per hour will be charged
  • the maximum length of the lease is 12 months, with the fact that EN-TACC d.o.o. reserves the right to discretion

deciding on the length of the vehicle user’s lease.

  • payment by cash, bank transfer and card soon



  • That he took over the rented vehicle in accordance with the law on the basics of road traffic safety,
  • That together with the vehicle he received documents, vehicle keys, all mandatory equipment and accessories, as well as additional equipment and accessories specified in the Contract,
  • To return the rented vehicle to the place after the end of the rental and within the period agreed upon when taking it over,
  • To immediately stop driving if there is any breakdown on the vehicle and to immediately notify EN-TACC d.o.o.,
  • That the rented vehicle will not be used for illegal purposes (for committing criminal acts, customs and other violations as well as other illegal actions) for driver training, for renting to third parties, transporting cargo or towing other vehicles or trailers for participating in auto sports events or under the influence alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants. If the User acts contrary to this point, he will compensate EN-TACC d.o.o. without delay. committed damage in full amount..
  • That the rented vehicle will be used only for their own needs and the vehicle will be driven by the User or a person who meets all the conditions specified in the Agreement. The material responsibility of these persons is joint and several.
  • Do not load the rented vehicle with persons or objects exceeding the permitted maximum weight.
  • Not to cross the state border with the vehicle without prior approval from EN-TACC d.o.o. If the User crosses the state border without prior approval, he is obliged to bear all material responsibility towards EN-TACC d.o.o. and the competent authorities of the country in which he found himself with the rented vehicle for the offense in question.
  • That without the written consent of EN-TACC d.o.o., he may not make any changes to parts, assemblies, devices, equipment or change the external appearance of the vehicle in any way. The user is obliged to compensate EN-TACC d.o.o. for changed or missing parts in the amount of their market value no later than on the day of returning the vehicle.
  • That the devices or means for securing the vehicle against theft that are available must be used and protected,
  • To allow the authorized person EN-TACC d.o.o. to control the vehicle and documentation at any time,



The User is given a technically correct vehicle for use, and the User bears full responsibility for any possible malfunctions that occur during the rental. If, during the use of the vehicle, the engine, drive mechanism, gearbox, clutch, crankcase or other characteristic part is damaged (due to a lack of oil for the engine, differential, gearbox, coolant, overheating of the engine, etc.), the malfunction will be repaired at an authorized service center. and determine the amount of material damage. If the failure occurred due to the negligence of the User, the User is obliged to compensate EN-TACC d.o.o. material damage caused to the vehicle in the full amount and lost profit due to non-use of the vehicle in the amount of the vehicle rental price according to the valid price list of EN-TACC d.o.o. and a maximum of 30 days.




If the User of the vehicle does not ensure the presence of the police, i.e. the police record and a properly completed police report, the full amount of damage and/or theft will be charged from the User, regardless of the type of insurance. It is necessary to make a police report and correctly fill in the European accident report even in cases where the client was not present when the vehicle was damaged (eg the vehicle was damaged in the parking lot by an unknown person).

The user may not drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs, without passing a driving test for that category of vehicle and without the approval of EN-TACC d.o.o. for the case of driving the vehicle abroad. If the User misses some of the above-mentioned actions and thereby causes damage to EN-TACC d.o.o., he is obliged to compensate the caused damage in full, regardless of insurance.

The user may not give the rented vehicle for use to unauthorized persons, i.e. persons who are not registered in the Lease Agreement. In these cases, the insurance is NOT VALID and the User is charged the full amount of the damage.



In the event of a vehicle breakdown, you must immediately inform EN-TACC d.o.o.. In that case EN-TACC d.o.o. will provide a replacement vehicle to the User.



All vehicles must have comprehensive insurance as well.



The insurance does not cover damage caused to the interior of the vehicle, damage caused to the chassis of the vehicle from the bottom, broken and/or lost key, damage caused by pouring the wrong type of fuel or oil into the engine, damage caused by the user’s knowledge or carelessness, damage to tires, damage to the gearbox, such as damage caused while driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants, as well as damage caused by an unauthorized driver.

All listed damages will be charged in full according to the valid pricelist of EN-TACC d.o.o., from the User no later than when the vehicle is returned.

EN-TACC d.o.o. is not responsible for damage caused to third parties caused by improper driving by the User of the vehicle, for damage caused by loss or damage to luggage or goods that were in or on the vehicle.


Fuel is not included in the rental price and the User is obliged to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, as it will be rented to him.



The user is responsible for all traffic violations as well as improper parking of the vehicle.



The user is obliged to return the vehicle to the agreed place within the agreed period. In case of need to extend the lease, the user is obliged to inform EN-TACC d.o.o. minimum 1 day in advance with payment of the full price of the extended rental.



Crossing the border is allowed only with the approval of EN-TACC d.o.o. and only to the countries that are listed in the green card that is in the vehicle. If the renter leaves the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and does not notify EN-TACC d.o.o., and the vehicle is damaged or stolen, the renter will be charged the full amount of the damage or the market value of the vehicle.



Payment for individuals is made in cash. For companies, payment is exclusively by bank transfer.

The price includes:

  • pdv (17%)
  • unlimited mileage
  • full insurance

The price of a car per day includes a calculation period of 24 hours from the time of vehicle pick-up, with the possibility of tolerance up to 1 hour when returning the car.


  • Car rental with driver.
  • Special discount for long-term rentals, as well as for rentals of a larger number of vehicles.
  • Child seat: free
  • Roof box (suitcase): €7.00 per day (max. €70.00 for one rental).
  • Returning and picking up the vehicle outside of working hours is charged an additional €5.00.
  • Vehicle delivery within the city of Sarajevo is free up to a distance of 15 km from our office, over 15 km each additional km is charged €0.50.
  • The vehicle will be issued with a full tank, it should be returned with a full tank, in cases where the vehicle is returned with less than a full tank, the difference will be charged according to the official rate from EN-TACC d.o.o. and the fee for refilling the tank service is also charged €5.00.
  • The vehicle will be issued clean, and it is necessary to return it clean, in cases where the vehicle is returned and it has not been washed, the washing will be charged according to the official rate from EN-TACC d.o.o. and a service fee of €5.00 is also charged.
  • For vehicles returned in bad condition, with dirty interiors that must be removed by chemical cleaning, an additional charge for chemical cleaning of the vehicle will be made in the amount of a minimum of €15.